Repair & Maintenance

Achieving long service life and low operating costs can be challenging. All buildings from new designs to long-standing landmarks require periodic maintenance. If tended to routinely, the service and life cycle cost of your building can be greatly reduced. We are available to address all your repair and maintenance demands as they arise.

ONE DC offers a full range of building inspection, maintenance, and repair services. We don’t limit these services to projects we designed and completed, as we service any preexisting building in need.


A partial list of our services include:

  • Annual inspections and condition assessments
  • Re-roofing, roof repairs, snow guards
  • Energy upgrades
  • Door installations and repairs, all types
  • Water, storm, and fire damage work
  • Metal siding and repairs
  • Gutter, trim, and flashing work
  • Waterproofing, sealing, caulking, weatherstripping
  • Concrete and masonry work and repairs
  • Utility work, trenching, coring, cutting, patching
  • Electrical, communications, and alarm system work
  • Office renovations and refreshing
  • Drywall and ceiling repair, painting, flooring
  • Machinery pads and pits, conveyors, industrial services
  • Structural modifications and repairs
  • Building maintenance and repair

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today with your service needs, we will be happy to review the best options for your project.